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Home Credit Bank educational project

Home Credit Bank has accumulated huge experience in business and boldly dispels all myths about leadership.

We presented leadership as a set of skills in three ways. Practicing managers and external experts will share real experience in short videos and make your training really valuable. Build your future just now!
  • Isaac Pintosevich
    Expert in the Systemic Development of Personality, Professor of Synergy Business School
    Isaac is the most popular personal development coach in the Russian-speaking world. The number of subscribers to his posts and videos in social networks amount more than 1,200,000 persons In a week, the coverage of his publications exceeds 10 million readings, and his books on training are sold in circulation of over 800,000 copies
  • Sergey Ryazansky
    Russian Cosmonaut, Motivational Speaker
    Hero of the Russian Federation, pilot-cosmonaut. 535th cosmonaut of the world and 117th cosmonaut of Russia. The world's first scientist-commander of a spaceship
  • Elena Sidorenko
    PhD in Psychology, visiting professor at the Stockholm School of Economic Sciences in Russia, business coach, coach
    In the training for more than 30 years. Representative of the first wave of the country's most experienced psychology trainers with systemic education, academic knowledge, great professional and personal experience
  • Nina Zvereva
    Business coach, Coach of Heads of State Corporations and Businesses and Politicians
    Lecturer at the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. Member of the Russian Television Academy. In the past, a television journalist and TV presenter. Candidate of Philology. Happy mother of three successful children and grandmother of six beloved grandchildren
  • Dovranbek Turdiev
    Professional Mnemonic, One of the TOP-100 World Mnemonics, Holder of the Russian Records Book
    I started developing memory in 2012. Since 2016, I have been actively teaching people how to use memory resources properly. In 2017, I participated in the World Championship in mnemonics. In 2018, I set a Russian record for memorizing digital information. In the same year I participated in the international tournament on mnemonics in the Philippines, where I took 2nd place in one of the disciplines. I also participated in the “Amazing People” project on the TV channel Russia 1. At the moment, he is the best expert in mnemonics in the CIS
  • Alexey Nazarov
    Business coach, CBA Company Managing Partner
    He is engaged in the professional development of general directors of state-owned companies and startup teams. In 2006 he was acknowledged as one of two best negotiations coaches in Russia (according to the Career magazine). In 2013, he was assigned to three top of best business coaches in Russia (according to Emploi Co.). Over the past 15 years, over 10,000 people have participated in Alexey’s training programs
  • Elena Melnikova
    Head of the Department the Academy of Education and Development of Home Credit Bank
    At Home Credit Bank, I am responsible for the training and development of executives. I know for sure that success is not an accident and not a series of successful coincidences, but the result of hard work and the correct use of resources. Together with our team, we created SkillGO - a project that turns training and development into a clear action plan, accessible to everyone
  • Kirill Lobetsky
    Business coach, writer, SkillGO project manager
    I started my career from the position of operator of the contact center. Then I became a corporate business coach. The following successful entrepreneurial experience enabled me to get acquainted with the reality of doing business under crisis conditions. Today I am engaged in training projects, helping people to develop and get promoted, obtaining affordable and high-quality knowledge
  • Yulia Smolina
    Human Resources Director of the Volga Region Directorate of Home Credit Bank
    For more than 10 years, I have been helping executives in different business segments build success with their teams. In 2016, I started working at Home Credit Bank as an HRD. I am sure that there are no bad employees. Everyone wants to create the best result, and helping an employee is the main task of the leader
  • Svetlana Milman
    Head of Human Resources of Sever Direction, Home Credit Bank
    I came to Home Credit Bank 8 years ago to the position of "Head of Human Resources of the Ural Directorate." Now I am still occupied with the personnel operations, but now in major North Direction.. I really enjoy my work and I believe that you can develop infinitely in HR. Bill Gates once said: "In the future, human capital will undoubtedly be more important for the company than financial capital." It seems to me that this future has already come!
  • Maria Sherstneva
    HR Business Partner of the Volga Region Direction, Home Credit Bank
    13 years ago my career at Home Credit Bank began. I was an employee of the back office, and was engaged in accepting and verifying credit documentation. When the regional training commenced I was transferred to the position of the Head of the Training Center. Today I am responsible for the selection, development and evaluation of the leaders of my Directorate. I am happy that my life is associated with people, as I can work for their benefit by sharing knowledge every day!
  • Victor Bakhmet
    Director of Home Credit Bank Representative Office
    I started my career at Home Credit Bank as a trade manager in 2010. Already in 2011 I was to open the Regional Center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka with a clean slate, and implement the Home Credit Bank turbo plan as a Director. In 2012, I was appointed Deputy Director of the Far East Direction. During this time-period, the Directorate became the best POS-lending office for three times. Since 2017, I have been appointed the head of Obninsk Regional Representative Office of Home Credit Bank
  • Maxim Sobolev
    Director of the South Direction, Home Credit Bank
    I started my career as an intern at Euroset, and passed the whole path to the Head of the Sales Sector. In 2008, I was transferred to the position of trade manager at the Stavropol representative office of Home Credit Bank. Today I am a head of the direction and would like to share years-long experience with you
  • Maxim Dzyuba
    Director of North Direction, Home Credit Bank
    My career at Home Credit Bank began in 2007 from the position of Business Development Manager. Since then I have been developing steadily, was responsible for POS business in the North Caucasus region, and after that I led the Pyatigorsk Regional Representative office. Later, I managed a network of bank branches in the South Direction, and today I am a head the North Direction of Home Credit Bank. During my work I have accumulated huge experience in the fields of leadership, team management, business development, and I would like to share it with you
  • Mikhail Trubin
    Head of Innovation Projects, Home Credit Bank
    In 2011, I joined Home Credit Bank as the Director of the largest Regional Center in Krasnoyarsk. A year later, I started leading a new active sales direction at the Sibir Direction (Novosibirsk), and in 2013 I moved to Nizhny Novgorod to the established Volgo-Vyatka Direction, where I was responsible for the development of Retail and POS channels in the macro-region. Today I am employed in Moscow branch and am responsible for sales at the largest Central Direction
  • Olga Markelova
    Head of Human Resources Center Direction of Home Credit Bank, coach
    I started my career in HR in 2002. Today I help leaders to form and develop business, creating an internal culture, as well as developing teams. I am convinced: these goals may be achieved precisely with intelligent management tools, and not just with “classical management”. Moreover, today I am building a “turquoise” organization inside the Home Credit Bank structure
  • Olga Galkina
    Human Resources Manager of South Office, Home Credit Bank
    I started my career in HR sector with MTS. Then I came to Home Credit Bank, and for 12 years I have been receiving good promotion from the company: from the position of Human Resources Manager to Head of Human Resources Department. I believe that it’s people who create atmosphere in the company, and not vice versa. I would like to share some insights in my videos with you
  • Irina Baranova
    Expert and Evangelist of Design Thinking in Russia
    Editor of the Design Thinking. We think in a new way. ” The methodologist of design thinking and service design programs since 2007. co-founder and partner of INEX Partners
  • Svetlana Melnik
    HR Business Partner of Home Credit Bank
    I came to Home Credit Bank a little more than 4 years ago as a Human Resources Manager of the Moscow Directorate. And thanks to our capability to restructure the account management processes , as a Region, we managed to maintain a leading position in several areas of business. Since February, I have been an HR Business Partner in IT and Digital Business Divisions. Apart of my family and my job, traveling is my main passion. I enjoy my business primarily because it gives me an opportunity to communicate with wonderful, talented people who aspire to personal development!
  • Irina Zhimerina
    Director of the Department of Development and Increase of Sales Efficiency, Home Credit Bank
    I started my career at Home Credit Bank from the position of Key Account Manager. I created and developed an active sales channel. As a result of development, it has grown to 1,200 offices throughout Russia. For the last 5 years, I have been a Director of Volgo-Vyatskaya Directorate. Today I am the Director of the Department, I am responsible for the development and sales efficiency. My life motto can be best expressed in the saying of Coco Chanel: "Everything is in our hands, so never give up"
  • Eduard Ilyin
    Director of Nizhny Novgorod Regional Representation, Home Credit Bank
    I started my career in the field of FMCG as a courier. 7 years later, I was responsible for the sales in Central Russian regions and the Volga region in a European company. In 2013, I joined Home Credit Bank as the “Head of Consumer Lending”. Currently I am Director of the representative office of Home Credit Bank in the Nizhny Novgorod region. My most preferred hobby is my job
  • Anna Alexandrova
    head of Requisite Organization и Executive Search of Home Credit Bank
    I have 16 years of experience in HR in such companies: Pepsi-Cola, Alfa Group, Manpower Group. Since 2012, I have been working at Home Credit Bank. I conduct trainings, leadership programs and HR practices. I teach at Moscow State University. I study continuously and try new things. I’m also a happy mom, proud of my son and love my job!
  • Emil Otakulov
    Student, Home Credit Bank “Blue Bird” social program participant
    Debut video of the winner of the “Blue Bird” social program
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