How to make laziness not interfere with acting today? This is the main question of the “Winner of Sloth” video series from the CIS top speaker Isaac Pintosevich

Isaac Pintosevich, Expert in the Systemic Development of Personality, Professor of Synergy Business School

Previously a professional world-class athlete, having endured a life crisis, Isaac became a deeply zealous person. At the age of 33, he obtained a Business Coach diploma so his career commenced. Over 12 years of his work, Procter & Gamble, MasterCard, AVON and other multinational corporations have become customers of Isaac Pintosevich Systems. Today, Isaac is the most popular personal development coach in the Russian-speaking world. The number of subscribers to his posts and videos in social networks amount more than 1,200,000 persons In a week, the coverage of his publications exceeds 10 million readings, and his books on training are sold in circulation of over 800,000 copies

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