And will you remember a sequence of 15 unrelated words? Hardly, if you don’t watch the video from SkillGO expert Dovranbek Turdiev. A simple and effective mnenomics technique will allow you to easily memorize the necessary information, and by the end of the video you will be surprised how quickly you can remember 15 words from the Dovranbek list. Each of us is a genius. We just forget about it easily.

Dovranbek Turdiev, Professional Mnemonic, One of the TOP-100 World Mnemonics, Holder of the Russian Records Book

I started developing memory in 2012. Since 2016, I have been actively teaching people how to use memory resources properly. In 2017, I participated in the World Championship in mnemonics. In 2018, I set a Russian record for memorizing digital information. In the same year I participated in the international tournament on mnemonics in the Philippines, where I took 2nd place in one of the disciplines. I also participated in the “Amazing People” project on the TV channel Russia 1. At the moment, he is the best expert in mnemonics in the CIS.

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